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Article I: Name:
The Hunan Association of Midwest America (HAMA) is registered under the laws of the United States government and is headquartered in Chicago.
Article II Characteristics:
The Association is a not-for-profit, community-based organization
Article III: Purposes:
1. To facilitate members’ friendship and cooperation; to promote members’ common interests; to assist in development projects that serve Hunan.
2. To organize various activities for the members; to strengthen relationships between the Association and other Associations in the community.
3. To encourage cultural, scientific and business exchange and cooperation between the Association and Hunan.
Article IV: Membership
Anyone originally from Hunan, or who has lived, studied, or worked in Hunan may register to become a member in the Association. Spouses are also welcome to register. By registering and becoming a member, one signifies acceptance of and support for the Association.

Members have the responsibilities to abide by the constitution and to safeguard the reputation and interests of the Association. They are also entitled to all the benefits provided by the Association.
Members have the right to elect and to be elected in the Association. Also they have the right to participate in any activities and to provide constrictive suggestions and criticism. They have the freedom of withdrawal from the Association if needed.

Article V: Organization:
1. The Council Board has the highest authority of the Association.
2. The Association is run by the Council Board, which is composed of one president, three to four vice presidents and a number of board directors and one secretary-general. Every Council member is best assigned one or more of the following titles and its respective responsibilities: organizational development, financial management, public relations liaison, business Valium Online projects, publicity, networking, travel, entertainment, and sports.

3. The board directors are elected by the General Assembly of all members for a term of two years. The president of the Association is elected by the Council Board for a term of two years and cannot be reelected more than two terms.
4. The Association can nominate a number of community leaders and influential people who have made contributions to the Association to become honorary president, honorary board members and advisers
Article VI:
Sources of Finances and Assets
1. Membership dues: $20 will be collected once a year per household.
2. Each activity fees (non-profit) will be collected accordingly.
3. Any donations from individuals, companies, and organizations are greatly encouraged.
Management of Finances and Assets:
1. One accountant is in charge of bookkeeping. One cashier is in charge of money.
2. There are several ways of expenditures for reimbursement or direct payment. Any expense less than $100 should be pre-approved by the Vice President; Any expense between $100 and $300 should be pre-approved by the President; expense of over $300 is subject to the approval of the Board Council.
3. A yearly financial report will be delivered to the Council.
4. Members have the right to inquire about finances and assets.
Article VII
Charter Amendment:

1.The charter of the Association should be amended by at least 1/2 of the Association’s voting members.
2. The termination of the Association should be passed by more than 2/3 of the voting members.


一. 名称:本会名称为美国中西部湖南同乡会。英文为Hunan Association of Midwest America. 简称HAMA. 总部设在芝加哥.

二. 性质: 本会为非宗教,非盈利的社团组织。

三. 宗旨与任务:

1 )加强同乡间的联络,促进同乡之间的交流,互助与合作,维护同乡权益。

2 )组织同乡会各项活动. 加强与其它社团的联系与合作.

3 )增强与故乡湖南的科技,文化,经贸及人才等各方面的交流与合作。

四. 会员:

凡祖籍或户籍在湖南, 或曾在湖南居住. 学习,工作过的人士及其配偶, 承认本会章程,经申请均可成为会员。



五. 组织与管理:

(1) 全体理事组成理事会, 为本会最高权力机构.

(2) 同乡会由理事会负责管理与运营。理事会由会长一名、副会长和理事各若干名. 秘书长一名组成。每个理事必须负责会中一项分工职责: 组织, 财务, 公关, 商务, 文体, 资讯.

(3) 理事由会员大会选举产生. 理事每界任期2年. 会长由理事会选举产生, 会长每届任期2年, 最多连续任2届.

(4) 本会根据需要可设名誉会长、名誉理事和顾问,由理事会推荐,聘请若干社会贤达.在社区有影响力. 对本会有特别贡献 的人士担任。

六. 财务管理:


1)会员费:每年收纳会费一次. 每年每户$20.


3)鼓励会员. 公司. 团体赞助和捐赠.




3) 每年公布账目一次。

4) 会员有权质询经费管理方面的问题。

七. 附则

1)本章程经会员大会通过后实施。章程的修改,须经理事会讨论, 并须经会员大会到会会员过半数通过.


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